LES RATS – En Concert 1990

Besides some re-ups now a little live tape by Intox Production from Les Rats (drowned in the high school routine student life of a remote suburb where the future which they are promised does not like them, it is not by chance if Joss, Patrice, Jean-Michel & Laurent meet since they share the same juvenile fantasy: to become a rock band one day. Like those who bathed their adolescence with wild riffs and media scandals to make their parents pale. It doesn’t matter if their material aiding the sounds that leave their instruments can make believe that they become stars because they have rabies in their stomach…. They will be called RATS!) which was recorded in Lyon on 18.01.1989 and we listen to ten dirty catchy smasher in a solid sound quality and I don’t wanna write more because all info is available via the Tequila post and I recommend you a click there. I’m tired from the first working day after the famous Easter days.

De Barbès A Belleville/Bébé Je T’adore/Violence/La Veuve Et Moi/Rien/L’Armée/Enfant A Problèmes/La Fleur Au Canon/Poubelle Trouve Un Job/L’oeil Qu’il Te Manque

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