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Les Thugs – As Happy As Possible (1993) CD Album Reissue

Band: Les Thugs

Album: As Happy As Possible

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock Garage Rock Surf

Label: Crash Disques

Release Country: France

Record Type: 21 Tracks CD Album Reissue

Les Thugs are a punk band from France. The band were formed in 1983 in Angers with five members and were soon reduced to four in the same year: Eric Sourice on guitar and lead vocals, Thierry Meanard on guitar, Christophe Sourice on drums, and Gerald Chabaud on bass until 1983. Chabaud was replaced by Pierre-Yves Sourice. Although the band called it quits at the end of the 90s, they briefly reformed in 2008 for the Sub-Pop 20th Anniversary Festival and a short warm-up tour in France.
A mix-up by their recording company meant that the band would resurface, albeit only as the digital information on The Baseballs similarly named Strike album in 2010.

21 Tracks
1 As Happy As5:20
2 Papapapa3:23
3 Biking4:39
4 Harpo's Theme2:02
5 Horror Toys7:11
6 Admen5:14
7 August4:17
8 Dreamer's Song5:26
9 (Omar Feels Fear In Weimar)0:39
10 Flags2:35
11 Monkey 58 Strings Sonics Fly4:02
12 You Wanna Die6:44
13 (Maria Cries In Lima)1:02
14 Looking In Your Eyes3:30
15 Immigrés Clandestins2:19
16 Desert Days4:59
17 (Wang Leaves China)1:32
18 Omar Feels Fear In Weimar (Live)1:56
19 Papapapa (Live Radio)3:15
20 There's So Many Lies2:41
21 Road Closed (Live)4:08

Part of the "Inventaire" reissue series

Originally released in October 1993 on Vinyl Solution

Engineered by Kurt Bloch at Hanzseck Audio Studio, Seattle in May-June 1993 except:

18: recorded live at the Chabada, Angers

19: acoustic version, Radio Périgueux 103, September 1996

20: Previously unreleased, recorded in July 1992 at Studio AMCO by Gilles Theolier

21: Recorded live at the NEC, St Etienne, 10 May 1994

Inventaire mastered by Franck Bergere

Rated 4.5/5 based on 141 customer reviews

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