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Les Thugs – Electric Troubles / Dirty White Race (1988) CD Remastered

Band: Les Thugs

Album: Electric Troubles / Dirty White Race

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock Hardcore

Label: Crash Disques

Release Country: France

Record Type: 15 Tracks CD Remastered

Les Thugs are a punk band from France. The band were formed in 1983 in Angers with five members and were soon reduced to four in the same year: Eric Sourice on guitar and lead vocals, Thierry Meanard on guitar, Christophe Sourice on drums, and Gerald Chabaud on bass until 1983. Chabaud was replaced by Pierre-Yves Sourice. Although the band called it quits at the end of the 90s, they briefly reformed in 2008 for the Sub-Pop 20th Anniversary Festival and a short warm-up tour in France.
A mix-up by their recording company meant that the band would resurface, albeit only as the digital information on The Baseballs similarly named Strike album in 2010.


15 Tracks
1 Dead Dreams2:41
2 Legal Drugs2:12
3 Bad News From The Heart4:27
4 Little Kiddy3:20
5 Bulgarian Blues5:28
6 Chess And Crimes2:12
7 See You Soon3:54
8 I Need You2:09
9 Lost In The Suburbs2:48
10 Dirty White Race2:08
11 The Hedgehogs4:40
12 At The Beginning (Live Radio)1:25
13 About Your Life (Live Radio)6:15
14 Dirty White Race (Live)2:12
15 Steppin' Stone (Live)3:00

Part of the "Inventaire" reissue series.

"Electric Troubles" (Tracks 1-7) was recorded at Redwood Studio, London in July 1987 and released in October 1987 on Vinyl Solution.

"Dirty White Race" (Tracks 8-11) was recorded in April 1988 at Redwood Studio, London and released on Vinyl Solution in September 1988.

"At The Beginning" and "About Your Life" were recorded at the BBC in November 1987.

"Dirty White Race (Live)" and "Steppin' Stone (Live)" were recorded somewhere in France in 1987.

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