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Download Les Thugs – Still Hungry (1989) CD Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Les Thugs

Music Album: Still Hungry

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock Grunge

Record Label: Bondage International

Album Release Country: UK & Europe

Music Record Type: 23 Tracks CD

Les Thugs are a punk band from France. The band were formed in 1983 in Angers with five members and were soon reduced to four in the same year: Eric Sourice on guitar and lead vocals, Thierry Meanard on guitar, Christophe Sourice on drums, and Gerald Chabaud on bass until 1983. Chabaud was replaced by Pierre-Yves Sourice. Although the band called it quits at the end of the 90s, they briefly reformed in 2008 for the Sub-Pop 20th Anniversary Festival and a short warm-up tour in France.
A mix-up by their recording company meant that the band would resurface, albeit only as the digital information on The Baseballs similarly named Strike album in 2010.

23 Tracks
1 Your Kind Of Freedom
2 Suspended Time
3 Groucho's Theme
4 Birthday (Why Didn't You Come For My...)
5 Birds Of Ill Omen
6 Going Down
7 Raining Again
8 Inside Room
9 Little Vera's Song
10 Time Of Reaction
11 Radical
12 Square Of Lights (?)
13 I Need You
14 Lost In The Suburbs
15 Dirty White Race
16 The Hedge Hogs
17 Dead Dreams
18 Legal Drugs
19 Bad News From The Heart
20 Little Kiddy
21 Bulgarian Blues
22 Chess And Crimes
23 See You Soon

Les Thugs II:

Thierry: Rhythm Guitar

Eric: Vocals, Lead Guitar

Pierre-Yves: Bass

Christophe: Drums, Backing Vocals

... and Veronique: Live Sound

Christophe: Management

Les Thugs

Thierry: Rhythm Guitar

Eric: Vocals, Lead Guitar

Gerald: Bass

Christophe: Drums, Backing Vocals

... and Veronique: Live Sound

Christophe: Management

Tracks 1-12 originally released as "Still Hungry, Still Angry" LP.

Tracks 13-16 originally released as "Dirty White Race" EP.

Tracks 17-23 originally released as "Electric Troubles" mini album.

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