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Band Name: Les Vierges

Music Album: Les Vierges

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Psychobilly

Record Label: Gougnaf Mouvement

Album Release Country: France

Music Record Type: 8 Tracks Vinyl 10"

Les Vierges is an garage / punk / psycho / surf band from South of France (Montpellier) formed in 1984.

First formation (Montpellier) : Koza K. Korch (Alain Picon- vocals), Zombie Rockin Gil (Gilles Picon - Bass), Sammy Surfer (Stéphane Poisson - drums), and Atomic Bang Bang (Philippe Rondeau - drums).

8 Tracks
A1 Kill Kill Bop
A2 Les Martiens Attaquent
A3 Morte Ou Vive
A4 Cingle
A5 La Nuit Des Morts Vivants
AA1 Surf Survie
AA2 Le Jour Où Les Vierges Envahirent La Terre
AA3 L'Homme Fourmi Atomique

Side A originally released as "Aux Mains Des Mongolo Boppers" in 1984.
Side AA originally released as "Sur La Planète De La Terreur" in 1984.

One side runs at 33rpm, the other at 45rpm

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