Ludwig Von 88 – Houlala ! (1986) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Ludwig Von 88

Album: Houlala !

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock Ska

Label: Bondage Records

Release Country: France

Record Type: 13 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

French punk and alternative rock band formed in 1984 and disbanded in 1999. The goal of the band was to shock the punk audience by doing satirical and ironic songs (with characters like Oui-Oui/Noody, Louison Bobet, Pocahontas, Mr Spock, Jacques Chirac...), playing delirious shows with confetti and funny clothing (cycling jerseys, diving suits, Mexican ponchos, ...) and mixing various elements in their punk rock (ska, raggamuffin, dub, medieval music, ...)

13 Tracks
A1 Houlala !
A2 Polopop (Les Iroquois À Cheveux Verts)
A3 Lapin Billy S'en Va T'en Guerre
A4 Assez !
A5 Hlm
A6 Sur La Vie D'mon Père
B1 Marche
B2 Sur Les Sentiers De La Gloire
B3 On M'appelle
B4 Bilbao (Panoramix)
B5 Le Crapaud Et La Princesse
B6 Libanais Raides
B7 Bière & Punk

Versions are published in a green, pink, gold and silver / maroon sleeve.

Of them 2000 copies are released in a pink sleeve:
• the first 1000 copies come with a 16 pages booklet
• the second 1000 copies come with a lyric-inner sleeve (this one)

Recorded and mixed in Grande Armée Studio.
Printed in France.

Matrix run-out infos:
"Ʈ" in etched matrix runout on side B stands for the joined character TL of studio Translab, credited as Lacquer Cut At.
Pressing plant identified by the stamped matrix number scheme in runout area.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 25 customer reviews

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