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Band Name: Ludwig Von 88

Music Album: Houlala 3 L'Heureux Tour (Ludwig Von 88 Live)

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Reggae Ska Ragga Alternative Rock

Record Label: Les Jardiniers Du Futur

Album Release Country: France

Music Record Type: 47 Tracks CD Album

French punk and alternative rock band formed in 1984 and disbanded in 2001. They got back together in 2016.
The goal of the band is to shock the punk audience by doing satirical and ironic songs (with characters like Oui-Oui/Noody, Louison Bobet, Pocahontas, Mr Spock, Jacques Chirac...), playing delirious shows with confetti and funny clothing (cycling jerseys, diving suits, Mexican ponchos, ...) and mixing various elements in their punk rock (ska, raggamuffin, dub, medieval music, ...)

47 Tracks
1-1 Bagdad Sous Les Bombes3:58
1-2 Vanessa Und Florent1:26
1-3 Solo De Jack0:36
1-4 Kaliman2:40
Pop Medley
1-6 Un Nain De Jardin0:25
1-7 We Will Rock You4:21
1-8 Rocky Balboa1:18
1-9 Club Med4:29
1-10 Lapin Billy S'En Va T'En Guerre3:02
1-11 Pocahontas (Chaque Fois)4:00
1-12 In The Ghettos3:32
1-13 New Orleans4:58
1-14 Communiste0:44
1-15 Casanis0:44
1-16 Cannabis0:47
1-17 Salman's Not Dead2:09
1-18 Mon Coeur S'Envole3:02
1-19 Marche1:10
1-20 Paris Brûle-T'Il?2:57
1-21 Les Iroquois Aux Cheveux Verts (Pololop)1:50
1-22 Dormeur0:53
1-23 William Kramps (Le Tueur De Bouchers)2:37
1-24 Guerriers Balubas3:46
1-25 Assez2:50
1-26 Vengeur Masqué1:02
1-27 Houlala!2:52
2-1 Sprint3:16
2-2 Music Is So Nice (Part 1)1:09
2-3 Zambèze2:41
2-4 Bilbao4:05
2-5 Louison Bobet For Ever1:59
2-6 30 Millions D'Amis2:54
2-7 Maria Callas + Placido Domingo2:21
2-8 UTDM / She's Gone2:16
2-9 Dans La Forêt2:38
2-10 Typique Mexicain0:57
2-11 Nous Sommes Des Babas2:48
2-12 Music Is So Nice (Part 2)0:47
2-13 Come On Boys2:27
2-14 Histoire De Tchang3:16
2-15 CS 1373:41
Trash Medley
2-17 HLM2:26
2-18 Haroun Tazieff2:12
2-19 Prime Time1:33
2-20 Jacques Chirac2:40
2-21 Oh Lord4:56
2-22 Charly1:15

Recorded live at Toulouse, Castel-Sarrazin, Pézénas, Pau, Louvain-La-Neuve, Marche-en-Fammene et Sur-les-Bois

Cat# appears as Crash/Zoul CDD18 on spine, as Crash/Zoul cdd18 on back cover and disc

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