Macklemore Gets Astrology Reading, Considers Goat Farming


By Hayden Wright

In honor of his upcoming solo album Gemini, Macklemore consented to a reading with an astrologer named Jessica, in a new video feature for Pandora.

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Jessica warned Macklemore that he will be “extra emo” through December of 2019. That means his creative juices will be flowing and his heightened sense of emotion will inspire new music. “Another album—let’s get it!” he said.

As the rapper and his wife Tricia are expecting their second child, he wondered whether cosmic forces would trigger a return to the simple life.

“Bringing a new child into the universe is going to be a huge change,” he said. “Balancing that with my career and—how much do I want to be away from my family? It is a choice if I want to keep grinding and going down the path of music and creativity…or do I want to fall back and live on a farm and cop two goats?”

Jessica said his “country mouse” chart says goats are in the cards: “Buy them, herd them, snuggle them now and again. You know. Love is love.”

Watch the astrology reading, which contains some explicit language, now at

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