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By Sarah Carroll

Our fifth annual We Can Survive benefit concert is less than two weeks away and it just so happens that both Macklemore and Kesha will be performing at the big show.

But will the two artists team up for a live performance of their collaboration “Good Old Days” at the Hollywood Bowl?

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“I would love that. I have a feeling Kesha’s on tour,” Macklemore told McCabe in the SoCal Honda Sound Stage at 97.1 AMP Radio.

When McCabe informed the Seattle rapper that Kesha was also on the lineup, he had to laugh a little.

“I will talk to Kesha! You’re like, ‘Nope! She’s there!’ I like it.”

Macklemore didn’t know much about Kesha until they linked up for “Good Old Days,” but he was immediately impressed by her strong work ethic.

“She just went for it, really open to feedback,” he revealed. “There’s certain artists that come in and have their ego and they don’t want to hear what you have to say, but it’s the ones that are wanting to collaborate in a space of like, ‘Yo, let’s make this the best record possible,’ leave the egos at the door, just be here and open to whatever comes up and whatever feedback. That’s how you get better.”

Watch McCabe’s full interview with Macklemore below!

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