MDC – Smoke Signals (1986) Vinyl Album LP

Band: MDC

Album: Smoke Signals

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: R Radical Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 13 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

MDC, or Millions of Dead Cops, began in 1979 in Austin, Texas as The Stains. They released the classic "John Wayne was a Nazi" 7" in 1980, half of the pressing was under the Stains name, half "MDC-Stains". That year MDC relocated to San Francisco, following the lead of fellow leftist Texans the Dicks. Witnessing a violent police riot at their show with Flag in Orange County inspired the new name (the change was necessitated by fellow opening band the Stains from LA).

13 Tracks
A1 No More Cops
A2 King Of Thrash
A3 Drink To Forget
A4 The Big Picture
A5 Skateboards From Hell
A6 Tofutti
A7 South Africa Is Free
B1 Acceptable Risks
B2 Missile Destroyed Civilization
B3 Soup Kitchen Celebrity
B4 Country Squawk
B5 Paradise Lost
B6 Smoke Signals

Gatefold sleeve. Includes picture insert & xeroxed merch. order form.

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