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Melt-Banana – 13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 1994-1999) (2020) CD

Band: Melt-Banana

Album: 13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 1994-1999)

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Noise Grindcore Experimental

Label: A-Zap Records

Release Country: Japan

Record Type: 56 Tracks CD

Melt-Banana is a band from Tokyo, Japan. They were formed around 1991/1992 by singer Yasuko Onuki. Yasuko soon met guitar player Ichirou Agata and they also teamed up with bassist Rika. In the early stages they performed under the name Mizu. Famous noise musician KK Null (of Zeni Geva) took notice and arranged for them to fly to Chicago, USA to work with Steve Albini on their first album "Speak Squeak Creak" (1994) which Null released on his own label Nux Organization. Their second album "Scratch or Stitch" was released on cult label Skin Graft and since then they've released all their albums on their own A-Zap Records. They first got big notice on their US tour with Mr. Bungle.
The core sound of Melt-Banana is punk and the distinct "puppy-yelping" vocals shouted by Yasuko coupled with Agata's charcteristic guitar playing using a wide array of special effects pedals which often sound something like hip-hop/scratching has given them a very large cult following over the world. They have collaborated with Merzbow, John Zorn and Otomo Yoshihide among others, all big names in the "noise scene". And with 6 studio albums, 2 live albums, 20+ singles, EPs, splits and collaborations under their belt they continue to pour out their music and tour frequently.
Recently they have played several shows under the name MELT-BANANA Lite. This is when they perform without any guitar or bass and just using drums/vocals and an array of electronics an (...)

56 Tracks
7" Single "Hedgehog"
1 Stick Out0:48
2 So Unfilial Rule0:14
3 Mind Thief1:44
4 Screw, Loose0:23
5 Scrubber0:16
6 Pierced Eye2:11
Split 7" Single With God Is My Co-Pilot
7 Ketchup-Mess1:16
8 First Defy0:10
9 Iguana In Trouble1:26
7" Single "It's In The Pillcase"
10 It's In The Pillcase1:17
11 Rush &→ Warp1:04
12 Picnic In Panic2:00
Split 7" Single With Discordance Axis
13 Buddhism Core0:55
14 Hangnail (Let It Go)0:39
15 No One Wants Next One0:38
16 Sicklist On Fire1:06
17 One Dimensional0:20
18 Not D, But M, Also S0:43
Split 7" Single With Pencilneck
19 Mind Thief (Live)1:35
20 P-pop-slop (Live)1:29
Split 7" Single With Target Shoppers
21 Making Fuss, Fuss, Fuss0:37
22 Turtle Vs. Bunny (Who Won?)0:56
23 Pig To Dog0:19
24 Bird-like Monkey In Cave, Singing In Drops2:06
Split 10" Single With Stilluppsteypa
25 Bad Gut Missed Fist.1:09
26 It's Not My Fault.0:22
27 Neck On Me.0:26
28 Stop The Cook-cu Test.0:25
29 No Doubt.1:03
30 Scooped Brain In A Cup.1:02
31 Capital 1060.0:53
32 How To Parlare.0:27
33 I Say, "Shoot!"0:40
34 Minus-minus-to One.0:23
35 Call Me Please-6824.0:22
36 Popsy Teeth In Red.0:19
37 Blackout Screen.1:56
38 To Be Continued?0:24
7" Single "Untitled (Piano One)"
39 $10 A Pile (AX Version)2:00
40 Disposable Weathercock (Helpful 80 Points Version)4:05
Split 7" Single With Plainfield
41 Y-axis0:29
42 Aquatic Bee1:51
7" Single "Eleventh"
43 Wedge!1:57
44 Seesaw Semiology0:59
45 Cough, Coughed, Coughing0:54
46 Q For Quinine1:00
47 Bird-like-monkey / Part 20:07
48 Least Clipper1:47
49 Babby Buggy Spitted1:18
50 Drill The Dentist0:39
Split 5" Single With Xerobot
51 Last Finger Split1:47
Split 7" Single With Killout Trash
52 Wrest The Fist (Just For Reflection)4:04
7" Single "Dead Spex"
53 Dead Spex1:01
54 Sonic Brain Burst1:11
55 Ether Twisted1:11
56 Shoot The Moon0:58

6 panel poster sleeve.

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