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Mentors – Get Up And Die (1982) Vinyl 12″ EP Reissue Vinyl 7″ EP

Band: Mentors

Album: Get Up And Die

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Heavy Metal

Label: Super Seven Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 7 Tracks Vinyl 12" EP Reissue Vinyl 7" EP

The Mentors were formed in Seattle in 1976 and during the 1980s were the most controversial and hated of metal bands. The “Parental Advisory” stickers that exist on records are in part thanks to these guys. The Mentors were the band who's lyrics were quoted most often (for shock value) by conservative Christian Senators who held hearings on the floor of the U.S. Congress in order to determine how to censor the music industry.

The Mentors infamously labeled their own music as "rape rock".

El Duce died under mysterious circumstances after being hit by a train in 1997 days after claiming he had been hired to kill Kurt Cobain.

The band's original line up was:
Vocals/Drums: El Duce
Guitar: Sickie Wifebeater
Bass: Dr. Heathen Scum

This line up stayed intact for most of the band's lifetime prior to El Duce's death, except for periods in the 1980s when Dr. Heathen Scum was in school. The group has continued since El Duce's death. The current line up is:

Mad Dog Marc Duce - Vocals
Sickie Wifebeater - Guitar, Vocals
Sickie J - Guitar
Dr. Heathen Scum - Bass, Vocals
Moosedick - Drums

7 Tracks
Get Up And Die
A1 Going Thru Your Purse
A2 Get Up And Die
B1 Peepin' Tom
B2 Woman From Sodom
Live In Frisco
C Adultery
D1 Rock Em Shock Em
D2 Having Sickie's Baby

Get Up And Die:
Thanks to: Tony Corente: Engineer / Frank FX & _ _ _ _: For Photos / Kitten & Candy: Models / Michael Dewy & Raves: Production / Layout Mentors–Raves / Executive Producer: Phillip Raves / Thanx Doug Moody Music & Mystic Records 6277 Selma Hlwd CA, 90028 A Phil'co Production

© DM 1982 ℗

Live In Frisco:
All songs Doug Moody Music/BMI © DM ℗ 1987

Recorded live at the Mabuhay Gardens June 12, 1983.

Special thanks to KALX Special Events Dept.

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