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Messes are a three-piece post-hardcore band from Somerset, Kentucky that began in 2011. They’ve progressed quite a bit since then, with a natural shift in sound. Early on Messes took heavy influence from the emo/screamo hybrid of bands like Merchant Ships, William Bonney, and The Reptilian. This sound is best exemplified on Don’t Be A Let Down, their debut LP and the first release to tighten the screws on their production quality. It’s a solid record through and through, and fans of the aforementioned bands will definitely dig it.

They recently dropped a new full-length, titled The Ever Closing Door is a marked departure from their early sound, but a welcome change because this record is absolutely incredible. Sonically, they blend elements of post-hardcore, post-rock, and indie rock and emo to build a very diverse album. I’m picking up some possible influence from bands such as mewithoutYou, The Appleseed Cast, Manchester Orchestra, Moving Mountains, Caravels, and Prawn, but it’s really hard to pin down just one when every song offers up something new. Some tracks can hit hard (such as “Smelled Like A Halloween Mask” and “Lurk”, two of the album’s screamier tracks) while others leave room for atmosphere (such as “Parlor Trick” and the dynamic highlight “Teeth To The Limestone”). This is an album where every track could be touched upon, because they’re all solid in both their writing and performance, and make for one hell of an engaging listen. This album absolutely blew me away, and I cannot suggest checking it enough. Enjoy.

1. My Dad Calls It Riptide
2. We Prefer Kickflips
3. I Wish I Was As Pretty As You…
4. This Isn’t The First Time That The Wind Blew Trash In My Face
1. Slumber Party
2. All Of These Teeth
3. There’s No Good Sharks?
4. Last Day Of Summer Camp
1. Pushups
2. Thirteen Centuries
3. Skunk
4. Bible Belt
5. LDM
6. Cults
7. Bones
8. Cycles
9. Sleeping Bags
10. Haunt
1. Pass

1. Messes – Wampire
2. Messes – Bags
3. Leaving – Catwalk
4. Leaving – The Box

1. Parlor Trick
2. Smelled Like A Halloween Mask
3. Lurk
4. the hollows
5. Two Glasses of Water
6. True Bruise
7. Wind Cut Bone
8. Teeth To The Limestone
9. Aim
Note: 50% of Bandcamp sales for this album go to Bethany House Abuse Shelter in Somerset, KY. Please consider purchasing it if you can, link to their Bandcamp can be found below.

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