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Band Name: Minor Threat

Music Album: Minor Threat

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Dischord Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 12 Tracks Cassette

Formed in 1980 and discontinued in 1983, Minor Threat is considered one of the most influential American hardcore punk bands of the early 80s. They released one full-length and three EPs. After breaking up, frontman Ian MacKaye resurfaced in Fugazi. When Geordie quit The Teen Idles, Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson decided to form a new band with Ian MacKaye on vocals instead of bass. They started playing with Lyle Preslar, who sang for the Extorts and wanted to switch to guitar. Lyle introduced them to Brian Baker, another Georgetown Day School punk who was not only a guitar player, but one who had a Marshall guitar amplifier! Brian Baker started playing bass in November of 1980 and the band played its first show a month later.

Minor Threat and SOA were part of a small wave of new kids and bands in DC, many of whom were not into drugs and alcohol. Some of the bands made mention of this in their lyrics, and Minor Threat’s song "Straight Edge" coined the phrase that is now used to describe a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

The band played regularly and definitely had a following, but broke up at the end of the summer when Lyle left DC to go to college. Six months later, dissatisfaction with school and a sense of unfinished business prompted Lyle to drop out and, to the surprise of some of the punks in DC, Minor Threat reformed in April 1982. That fall, Steve Hansgen joined to pl (...)

12 Tracks
A1 Filler1:32
A2 I Don't Wanna Hear It1:13
A3 Seeing Red1:02
A4 Straight Edge0:45
A5 Small Man, Big Mouth0:55
A6 Screaming At A Wall1:31
A7 Bottled Violence0:53
A8 Minor Threat1:27
B1 In My Eyes2:49
B2 Out Of Step1:16
B3 Guilty Of Being White1:18
B4 Steppin' Stone2:12

This version is a transparent cassette shell with white print.

J-card insert folds out with photos, lyrics, and credits.

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