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Minutemen – Post-Mersh, Vol. 1 (1987) CD

Band: Minutemen

Album: Post-Mersh, Vol. 1

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Label: SST Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 36 Tracks CD

The Minutemen were a band from San Pedro, California, formed in 1980 by childhood friends Dennes "D." Boon (vocals, guitar) and Mike Watt (bass, vocals) following the break-up of their previous band, The Reactionaries. Although technically considered a punk rock band, the group frequently added elements of funk and jazz into their songs and would also incorporate classic rock covers into their records and live sets, most notably covering Steely Dan, Van Halen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Blue Γ–yster Cult (the latter two were huge influences on a young Boon and Watt). The band was known for the brevity of their songs, freeing them from solos, choruses, breakdowns, and fade-outs. Also, D. Boon was known for his very trebly guitar tone, believing in a "democratic" sound, in which all instruments would (...)


36 Tracks
The Punch Line
1 Search0:53
2 Tension1:20
3 Games1:04
4 Boiling0:57
5 Disguise0:48
6 The Struggle0:41
7 Monuments0:51
8 Ruins0:49
9 Issued0:40
10 The Punch Line0:41
11 Song For El Salvador0:32
12 History Lesson0:38
13 Fanatics0:31
14 No Parade0:51
15 Straight Jacket0:59
16 Gravity0:57
17 Warfare0:55
18 Static0:53
What Makes A Man Start Fires?
19 Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs1:28
20 One Chapter In The Book1:02
21 Beacon Sighted Through Fog1:43
22 Fake Contest1:00
23 Mutiny In Jonestown1:08
24 Pure Joy2:08
25 Faith / East Wind1:29
26 '991:00
27 The Anchor2:33
28 Sell Or Be Sold1:44
29 The Only Minority1:00
30 Split Red0:53
31 Colors2:05
32 Flight1:37
33 This Road1:08
34 The Tin Roof1:34
35 Life As A Rehearsal1:24
36 Polarity1:50

Tracks 1 to 18 recorded February, 1981 at Media Art - Hermosa Beach, CA.

Tracks 19 to 36 recorded July 1982 at Music Lab - Hollywood, CA.

β„— 1981, 1982 SST Records

All songs published by tHUNDERsPIELS (BMI)

Post-Mersh, Volume 1 is a compilation of The Punch Line album from 1981 and the What Makes A Man Start Fires? album from 1982.

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