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Mörbyligan – Mörbyligan (2020) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Mörbyligan

Album: Mörbyligan

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Prog Rock

Label: Mistlur

Release Country: Sweden

Record Type: 15 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Mörbyligan was a music group from Mörby, Danderyd, Sweden, originally called Chilly Chimes and was founded in 1974 by Åke Bylund, who played drums. There first line-up consisted of three girls and three boys. Åke Bylund had started as a singer in the band and also wrote most of the songs. The group's biggest hit was "Snälla pappa" and "Ensamma Sussie".
In the early 1980s Åke Bylund also founded Åke Bylund Band. He came to distance himself from his previous leftwing engagement and joined the fascist Nysvenska rörelsen. After the original Mörbyligan folded, Bylund from 1984 used the band's name for later recordings, partly with the character of "Viking Rock" and with virtually entirely other members.

15 Tracks
A1 Fredag1:38
A2 Snälla Pappa2:27
A3 Inget Har Hänt4:24
A4 Ensamma Sussie3:46
A5 Kalle E. Andersson2:00
A6 Konstrukta AB:s Mord På Borgen2:15
A7 Katti0:33
B1 Slumrande Råttor2:59
B2 Tula Hem0:31
B3 Fri Som En Vind2:59
B4 Kollaboratören2:01
B5 Häng Me'2:57
B6 Valborg3:22
B7 Sju O Trettioåtta3:26
B8 Jai Passé1:26

"Åke & Annika skapade den storartade skivpåsen." "Vi som spelar och sjunger på den här skivan heter Åke Annika Johan Sussie Strumpan och Marie. Ugglan är också med på ett hörn." "Mobila ljudstudion." "Denna skiva kom till under tre regniga semesterveckor i juli 1979." (inner sleeve)

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