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[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Son de L’Infini’ Volume 4 (1974-1980)


‘Le Son de l’Infini’ has been spinning in the back of my mind for a long time, each of these tracks mentally bookmarked for mixing over many years.  Then I realized the thing that ties them all together, and that I was looking for in a mix: they are all cyclical, all comprised of spinning, turning patterns.  This spinning repetition creates both a feeling of stillness and of constant movement, perhaps inspired by minimalist works like Steve Reich’s, or by southeast Asian Gamelan, or by European folk rounds.  The range of sounds and moods here is wide: aspirational cosmic Krautrock, loose and rolling funk-jazz, tense electronics, peaceful to almost violent post-punk, and beyond.  There is simple beauty, darkness, joy, loss, mystery, near-chaos.  Much of it is beat-driven, without being dance music; some of it is quiet and almost neo-classical. But it’s all tied together by that hypnotic cyclical quality.  While for the most part these tracks stretch out beyond the three-minute pop length, and most eschew “song” structure (even those that have vocals), the music is inviting and accessible.  It really pulls you in and spins you along its winding path.  I hope you will enjoy (stream or download below), and pass this post along to anyone who might like to take the trip.

Various – ‘Le Son de l’Infini’ (Volume 4)
1974-1980 | Musique du Monde

Part I

01  [00:00]  ASHRA – “Sunrain” (New Age of Earth, 1977)
02  [06:21]  Abercrombie, HOLLAND, DeJOHNETTE – “Back-Woods Song” (Gateway, 1976)
03  [14:16]  Eno, MOEBIUS, ROEDELIUS – “The Belldog” (After the Heat, 1978)
04  [20:24]  Jean-Philippe GOUDE – “Machine” (Drones, 1980)

Part II

05  [24:07]  Michael ROTHER – “Flammende Herzen” (Flammende Herzen, 1977)
06  [31:23]  Jan HAMMER – “Darkness – Earth In Search of a Sun” (The First Seven Days, 1975)
07  [35:54]  Roxy MUSIC – “Spin Me Round” (Manifesto, 1979)
08  [40:40]  Robert WYATT – “Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road” (Rock Bottom, 1974)

Part III

09  [48:11]  Günter SCHICKERT – “Wanderer” (Überfällig, 1979)
10  [56:38]  HELDON – “Bal-A-Fou” (Interface, 1977)
11  [61:29]  Essendon AIRPORT – “Wallpaper Music” (Sonic Investigations of the Trivial, 1980)
12  [67:06]  This HEAT – “24-Track Loop” (This Heat, 1979)

Part IV

13  [73:10]  Harald GROSSKOPF – “Synthesist” (Synthesist, 1980)
14  [80:14]  Penguin CAFE ORCHESTRA – “The Sound of Someone. . .” (Music From the Penguin Cafe, 1976)
15  [87:07]  GONG – “Percolations, Pt. 1 & 2” (Gazeuse!, 1976)
16  [94:13]  Le ORME – “Fine di un Viaggio” (Florian, 1979)

[Total Time: 1:38:49]

Download ‘Le Son de l’Infini’ Here (185MB)

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