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Nerorgasmo – Nerorgasmo (2020) Vinyl LP

Band: Nerorgasmo

Album: Nerorgasmo

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: El Paso

Release Country: Italy

Record Type: 18 Tracks Vinyl LP

Italian punk band from Torino formed by Luca "Abort" and Simone from the ashes of Blue Vomit, active between 1984 and 1987. They self-released a self-titled 7" EP in 1985. After Nerorgasmo broke-up, Luca and Simone played with Ifix Tcen Tcen. In 1993 Nerorgasmo did a reunion (2 gigs at El Paso, Torino) and recorded an LP, which was later released in 1997 by El Paso.
Lead singer Luca "Abort" died of heroin overdose in 2000.

Line-up last 1985-spring 1987:
Luca : vocals
Simone : guitar
Marna (Marina Zambelli) : bass
Sandrino (Alessandro Minetto) : drums

Involved in the group during the first period (1984-'85), without ever playing:
Enrico Fallulera : drums (present in the EP recordings)
Claudietto "Viet-Kong" : drums
Andrea "Pixipan" : bass

1993 live gigs and LP recording:
Luca : vocals
Simone : guitar
Marco Klemenz : bass
Maurizio Planker: drums
Ricky Vaio : drums
Francesco Dilecce : drums

18 Tracks
A1 Nerorgasmo
A2 Io Sono La Tua Fine
A3 Creatori Falliti
A4 Freccia
A5 Nato Morto
A6 Giorno
A7 Banchetto Di Lusso
A8 Tutto Uguale
A9 Mai Capirai
B1 Spirale
B2 Questo È Quello Che Tu Vuoi
B3 Ansia
B4 Nello Specchio
B5 Passione Nera
B6 Fuochi Opposti
B7 Io Mi Amo
B8 Distruttore
B9 Perdendo Un Amico

The LP was recorded in 1993 and features previously unreleased tracks dating from 1984 to 1987, re-recorded versions of the four tracks from the 1985 "Nerorgasmo" 7", "Mai Capirai", a track by Blue Vomit (the band's previous incarnation), and a new one, "Spirale".

Recorded at Studio Acqualuce, Alpignano (TO), Italy.

Printed insert included, with lyrics, credits, and detailed biography.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 68 customer reviews

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