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New Album From Strand Of Oaks

Timothy Showalter, aka Strand of Oaks, has been through some dark, dark times recently. Times when he felt certain his songwriting days were finished. It was a fact that the therapeutic experience of making records was often short lived, leading him to bouts of depression, and after 2017’s Hard Love, he found himself spent, determined that he would never write songs again.

Thankfully, he says on his website, “Unbeknownst to me, four members of My Morning Jacket and Kevin Ratterman booked studio time to record songs I didn’t think I’d ever write. But they believed I could and pulled me back from the brink. At last, the songs came – and quickly morphed into everything I’ve ever worked toward as this band.

The first taste from Eraserland, his sixth studio record, is Weird Ways – stream it here, and pre-ordering options are here.


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