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Band Name: New Dawn (2)

Music Album: 黎明ヲ告ゲル鐘

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Heavy Metal Oi

Record Label: Real Life Recordings

Album Release Country: Japan

Music Record Type: 9 Tracks CD Album

A samurai oi! band from Nagoya, Japan, formed in 1997. Features former members of Cannons, Strong Style and Aggro Knuckle. Their style is a mix of traditional heavy metal and oi!. The band split up in 2011.

9 Tracks
1 命ノ嘆キ4:25
2 灯火3:38
3 陽炎3:51
4 命ノ別名3:13
5 存在4:17
6 狼ヨ、落日ヲ斬レ4:48
7 鐘鳴ル3:12
8 月夜ノ櫻4:33
9 夜明ケ5:52

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