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New From Fat White Family

The marvellous Fat White Family are back with a new album and have shared the first track from it, Feet.

The album is titled Serfs Up! and features, amongst other things, Gregorian chants, jackboot glam beats, string flourishes, sophisticated and lush cocktail exotica, electro funk, the twin spirits of Alan Vega and Afrika Bambaataa, traces of blissed-out 60s Tropicalia, Velvets/Bowie sleaze-making and star-gazing, 80s digital dancehall. Throw in some acid house, post-PIL dub, metropolitan murder ballads, doom-disco and mouth-gurning, slow-mo psychedelia and you’ll be getting a sense of just where the band is heading next…

The single, and album lead-off track, locks immediately into a lush, irresistible groove and although the sleaze is still there (“I could not believe, could not believe my eyes, the thing that I saw down there, down between your thighs“), it has mutated into something sharper and brighter, giving the song a sheen of sophistication that bodes very well for the album indeed.

Stream it here. Pre-order the album here.


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