NEW Music: Everyone and Anyone – A Page from a Journal

Everyone And Anyone are a pop-punk fivesome from North Wales. The band have only been together since 2014 but have already supported the like of Creeper and WSTR. Their second EP, A Page from a Journal, is available from May 16th. The boys gave IPWT a sneak peak.

everyone and anyone

A Page from a Journal feels heavily inspired by early The Wonder Years, Blink 182, and Creeper.

All four of the songs are fast based and drum heavy, with some tempo changes and relatable lyrics.

The ‘in your face’ness of the tracks promises a hell of a live performance, from an incredibly high-energy, fun band.

The vocals sometimes feel lost under the thrashing pop-punk rhythms, but this may be an issue with production rather than Everyone and Anyone’s talents.

This is a band with a lot of potential, who could really make a splash in the pop punk scene once they have carved out their own sound. Overall, a brilliant EP from a talented and vivacious group.

Are you excited for Everyone and Anyone’s new release? Comment below or tweet @poppunkmum!

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