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New York Dolls – Personality Crisis (1982) CD EP

Band: New York Dolls

Album: Personality Crisis

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Garage Rock Glam

Label: See For Miles Records Ltd.

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 4 Tracks CD EP

Formed : December, 1971 // New York, NY, United States
Disbanded : 1975
Reformed : 2004

All of the members of the New York Dolls played in New York bands before the band formed in late 1971. Guitarists Johnny Thunders and Rick Rivets, bassist Arthur Kane, and drummer Billy Murcia were joined by vocalist David Johansen. Before changing their name to New York Dolls, the band was called Actress (3) which recorded full set demos in early 1971. Early in 1972, Rivets was replaced by Syl Sylvain and the group began playing regularly in Lower Manhattan, particularly at the Mercer Arts Center. Within a few months, they had earned a dedicated cult following, but record companies were afraid of signing the Dolls because of their cross-dressing and blatant vulgarity.

Late in 1972, the Dolls embarked on their first tour of England. During the tour, drummer Murcia died after mixing drugs and alcohol. He was replaced by Jerry Nolan. After Nolan joined the band, the Dolls finally secured a record contract with Mercury Records. Todd Rundgren -- whose sophisticated pop seemed at odds with the band's crash-and-burn rock & roll -- produced the band's eponymous debut, which appeared in the summer of 1973. The record received overwhelmingly positive reviews, but it didn't stir the interest of the general public; the album peaked at number 116 on the U.S. charts. The band's follow-up, To (...)

4 Tracks
1 Personality Crisis4:01
2 Looking For A Kiss3:26
3 Bad Girl3:25
4 Subway Train4:41

All tracks β„— 1972

Original sound recordings made by Kamera Records

Under license from Youngblood Records

This compilation β„— 1990 See For Miles Records

Β© 1990 See For Miles Records

Made in France

Also available as 12" EP - SEA 3

Rated 4.5/5 based on 168 customer reviews

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