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Nick Jonas’ “Find You” Was Inspired By Coachella

By Sarah Carroll

Most people go to Coachella to party, but Nick Jonas ended up writing his latest single thanks to the music festival.

“I was in the process of writing music and I was kind of hitting a wall where I didn’t feel like anything I was writing was really breaking through and felt unique enough for anything and so I went to Coachella, jumped around a bunch of different stages,” he told 97.1 AMP Radio’s McCabe. “We went to the rave tent. Just listened to house music for a couple of hours and danced the night away.”

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It all seemed like fun and games at the time, but when Jonas returned to Los Angeles, he was inspired to experiment with his own sound.

“[I] Teamed up with Simon Wilcox, who I wrote ‘Jealous’ with, and said, ‘What if we took a house beat, you know, kind of a continuous musical line with a great steady beat, and flipped it with some pop melodies and lyrics that are really personal to me, about growth and the desire to find love, but also self-discovery and kind of understanding who you are first?’”

The result was “Find You,” the first single from his yet-to-be-announced fourth solo album.

“On the next body of work, I would say expect the unexpected,” Jonas revealed. “There’s influences from everything from, like you said, hip hop to the country side of things. There’s house music as well, but it all feels cohesive, which I think is cool and has a through line within it where you’re going to know it’s me.”

“This is a lot more hopeful, a lot more optimistic,” he continued. The last record was very much about a break up and this is about a lot of other things.”

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