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Band Name: Nine (3)

Music Album: Death Is Glorious

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Death Metal Hardcore

Record Label: Combat Rock Industry

Album Release Country: Finland

Music Record Type: 4 Tracks CD EP

Hardcore/metal band from Linköping, Sweden, founded in 1994. Currently based in Stockholm.

Lead singer Johan is brother of the lead singer in Outlast, Henrik Lindqvist.

4 Tracks
1 Everything Went Black3:42
2 The Long Sleep3:17
3 The Day Before The Day3:00
4 Just To Get Away2:37

Songs 1-3 Recorded In EAR Studios, Uppsala, Sweden.

Song 4 Recorded In Dug Out Studios And Ear Studios, Uppsala, Sweden.

Mastered at Talor Maid Production.

Published By Manus Copy Control.

Track 4 'Just To Get Away' is a Poison Idea cover.

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