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No future

None The Less

Biography : 

None The Less was formed in late 1995/early 1996 in Granada Hills, California by longtime classmates vocalist/bassist Brian Rush and drummer Raj Sharma. Later joined by high school friend vocalist/guitarist Billy Giovannelli. Over the years, None The Less has had a few band member changes, but the None The Less of today is comprised of four members; Raj Sharma, Billy Giovannelli, guitarist Anthony Cortez, and bassist Scott McLaughlin. The Band has a diverse influence ranging from old to new punk, rock, metal, etc., which makes up their unrelenting punk sound.


– Tales Of The Chupacabra (1996) CD
Out Of Excuses (2000) CD
Simplest Terms (2002) CD
– Split with Soapbox Revolt & The Day – Ibex Records Sampler (2002) CD
Split with Soapbox Revolt (2003) CD
– Split with Soapbox Revolt & Eight Fingers Down – Boundaries And Obstables (2004) CD

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