Nude Shoes – Suburban Ceremonies


Ladies and Gentlefolks, Boys and Ghouls….Please look in awe and wonder at the all singing, all dancing heros of Power Pop… The three bird roast of Pop Punk…. The human centipede of Emo….

‘Nude Shoes’ is the Asbury Park, NJ based project of Andy Katz (formerly of Weird and Wonderful Words)

‘Suburban Ceremonies’ has a real 90’s Pop Punk/Emo feel to it, so think bands like Senses Fail, New Found Glory etc, If that’s your thing you will likely really dig Andy Katz’s solo offering.

Ram Packed full of epic guitar hooks and catchy melodic anthems, I really feel that ‘Nude Shoes’ will appeal to a much wider audience than your average Pop Punk/Emo band.


Suburban Ceremonies by Nude Shoes is available as a pre-order from  Know Hope Records and will be released on 01/03/2019.
CD and Digital available through Know Hope Records, Random coloured 7” now sold out.

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