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Download Oberkampf – Couleurs Sur Paris (1982) Vinyl 12″ Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Oberkampf

Music Album: Couleurs Sur Paris

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Record Label: Mankin Records

Album Release Country: France

Music Record Type: 2 Tracks Vinyl 12"

French Punk Rock band from Paris (1978 / 1985) - named after the subway (metro en francais) station Oberkampf in Paris.

1978 : (under the name Oberkampf Contingent)
Jérôme Thaillande : Voice
Patrick Lecouturier AKA Pat Kebra : Guitar
Serge Ployaert : Bass
Dominik Descoubes : Drums

1979 / 1981 : Oberkampf
Joel Hernould AKA Joe Hell : Voice
Pat Kebra : Guitar
David Mitchell AKA Buck Dali : Bass
Domink Descoubes : Drums

1982 / June 1983 :
Joe Hell : Voice
Pat Kebra : Guitar
Buck Dali : Bass
Patrick Ducly AKA Moko : Drums

Sept. 1983 / May 1985 :
Joe Hell : Voice
Pat Kebra : Guitar
Buck Dali : Bass
Ballat : Drums

Buck Dali, Moko, Ballat, Dominik, Serge, Olivier, Joe Hell, Pat Kebra

2 Tracks
A Couleurs Sur Paris5:45
B Noir Et Blanc En Couleur4:20

Printed en France.

℗ 1982 Virgin France / Mankin Records

Made in France

File download is hosted on Megaupload

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