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Oi Polloi – Six Of The Best (2020) CD

Band: Oi Polloi

Album: Six Of The Best

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Rugger Bugger Discs

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 27 Tracks CD

Oi Polloi are a punk rock band from Scotland that formed around 1981. Starting as an Oi! band, they are now generally more associated with the anarcho-punk genre. The band has become notable for their contributions to the Scottish Gaelic punk subgenre. The name probably comes from the Greek expression "Οι πολλοί" and it is a pun on the phrase hoi polloi meaning "the masses" or "the common people".

The band has gone through about 50 members since their formation, and their only permanent member has been vocalist Deek, who has also been involved in Gaelic-language television. The band has included punks and skinheads. The members have been supporters of Anti-Fascist Action and Earth First!, and they use the motto "No Compromise in Defence of Our Earth," which is an adaptation of Earth First!'s motto. They support direct action in defence of the environment, hunt sabotage and resistance against racism, sexism, homophobia, fascism and imperialism.


27 Tracks
1 Punx 'N' Skins
2 Stop Vivisection Now
3 Boot Down The Door
4 No Filthy Nuclear Power
5 Hands Off Nicaragua
6 Scum
7 They Shoot Children Don't They?
8 Resist The Atomic Menace
9 Reach For The Light
10 Dealer In Death
11 Omnicide
12 Victims Of A Gas Attack
13 Die For B.P.
14 Rich Man's World
15 Guilty (Original Version)
16 Guilty
17 Break The Mould
18 John Major - Fuck You
19 Bash The Fash
20 The Right To Choose
21 Victims Of A Gas Attack
22 When Two Men Kiss
23 The Only Release?
24 T.H.C.
25 Sex With Strangers
26 Simon Weston
27 Meine Augen

Recorded in Edinburgh.

Compiled at RMS Studios, Crystal Palace, March 2001.

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