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Leftover crack - Shoot the kids at school
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Operation Ivy – Operation Ivy (1991) CD Repress Remastered

Band: Operation Ivy

Album: Operation Ivy

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Ska

Label: Lookout! Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 27 Tracks CD Repress Remastered

Defunct ska-punk band from Berkeley, California. Formed in May 1987, the band was only together for two years, breaking up in 1989 after being offered a major label deal by EMI. Members Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman (2) went on to form Downfall (6), and later Rancid. Singer Jesse Michaels went on to Big Rig, Common Rider, and Classics Of Love. Original Lineup: Jesse Michaels - Vocals, Lint (Tim Armstrong) - Guitar, Matt McCall (Matt Freeman) - Bass, Dave Mello - Drums, Paul Bae - Saxophone (on selected recordings).

27 Tracks
1 Knowledge1:40
2 Sound System2:14
3 Jaded1:49
4 Take Warning2:44
5 The Crowd2:10
6 Bombshell1:01
7 Unity2:13
8 Vulnerability1:58
9 Bankshot1:30
10 One Of These Days1:05
11 Gonna Find You1:52
12 Bad Town2:32
13 Smiling1:44
14 Caution1:23
15 Freeze Up2:19
16 Artificial Life2:03
17 Room Without A Window1:31
18 Big City2:14
19 Missionary2:05
20 Junkie's Runnin' Dry2:03
21 Here We Go Again2:04
22 Hoboken1:10
23 Yellin' In My Ear1:31
24 Sleep Long2:06
25 Healthy Body1:40
26 Officer1:55
27 I Got No1:15

Release date adapted from matrix number.

"Features previously released material from the Energy album, the Hectic 7" EP & the Turn It Around compilation EP."

Tracks 1-19 are from the album "Energy" (Lookout 10)

Recorded January 1989 at Sound and Vision, San Francisco, Calif.

Mixed at Dancing Dog, Emeryville, Calif.

Tracks 20-25 are from the 7" EP "Hectic" (Lookout 3)

Recorded and mixed November 1987 at Dangerous Rhythm, Oakland, Calif.

Tracks 26-27 are from the double 7" EP compilation "Turn In Around" (Maximum Rock'n'Roll 2)

Recorded and mixed September 1987 at Dangerous Rhythm, Oakland, Calif.

CD remastering at K-Disc, Hollywood, Calif., February 1991

Armstrong/Freeman published by Sixty-Nine Newport Music (BMI)

Mello/Michaels published by Spy Rock Tunes (ASCAP).

Given the earliest known pressing is from the tail end of 2001 (from matrix), this Lookout labeled, Disctronics pressed release is likely to have entered the market in 2002.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 106 customer reviews

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