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Band Name: Oshiri Pen Penz

Music Album: 猫が見たライブ

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Garage Rock

Record Label: Alchemy Records (2)

Album Release Country: Japan

Music Record Type: 14 Tracks CD Album

Alongside Afrirampo, Oshiri Penpenz have pretty much exploded the Osakan underground scene with riot / performance blurring shows that combine self-immolating violence, urinating on the crowd, smashing bottles, buckets of puke on the floor of Tower Records and the kind of re-wired garage blues not heard since the house rehearsals for Trout Mask Replica snuffed a deep huff of Detroit amphetamine skronk. The Penpenz engage in a wild, high-energy guitar, drum and vocal jam of raggedy riffs, ingeniously sloppy no wave percussion and the most insanely drooling vocal howls this side of Harry Pussy.

14 Tracks
1 ラブレターフロムくっさいブス2:30
2 ふとももコミュニケーション1:51
3 鳴呼!地獄2:56
4 モタコの恋愛必勝法2:09
5 阿片2:55
6 ビートル1:40
7 名付け親2:03
8 サイケにやりすぎ無し2:37
9 Neu!ローゼ0:59
10 這う1:49
11 時は来た4:32
12 ラブレターフロムくっさいブス (Acid)1:41
13 ふとももコミュニケーション (Acid)1:06
14 引きとめ男と去る女 (Acid)1:20

"Live recorded at secret
Studio recorded at Clluivbe Room Acid"

1: Love Letter From Kussai Busu
2: Thigh Communication
3: Viva! Hell
4: Motako's Love Confidence Way
5: Opium
6: Beatle
7: God Parent
8: Psychedelic Over OK OK
9: Neu!Rose
10: How
11: Dreams Come True
12: Loveletter From Kussai Busu (Acid)
13: Thigh Communication (Acid)
14: Just A Moment Man & Bye Bye Girl (Acid)

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