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Pearl Jam and Soundgarden’s Matt Cameron teases debut solo LP, Cavedweller, with new album sampler: Stream

Photo by Danny Clinch

Matt Cameron has been an icon of the alternative scene for decades, performing as drummer for both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Now, for the first time, he’s stepping out from behind the kit to lead his own solo project.

Due out later this year, Cameron’s debut album, Cavedweller, finds Cameron serving as producer, writer, singer, and guitarist. As he hints at in an exclusive comment to Consequence of Sound, Cameron was supported by a number of artists on the record, including the drummer from David Bowie’s ★ (Blackstar) backing band, Mark Guiliana. More names will be revealed soon.

Here’s what else Cameron had to say about the album:

“Making my first ever solo record, Cavedweller, has been a blast. I was lucky enough to work with incredible musicians to help bring my songs to life. As a band member, I have been able to collaborate with the very best musicians and songwriters of my generation. Those experiences have given me the confidence to find my own voice as a songwriter. I really enjoyed making this record and I look forward to making the next one.”

Details are scant at this point, but you can preview some of the music from Cavedweller in the video teaser below.

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