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Peter And The Test Tube Babies – Soberphobia (1986) Vinyl Album LP

Band: Peter And The Test Tube Babies

Album: Soberphobia

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Label: Dojo

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 10 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Peter And The Test Tube Babies are a Punk Rock band that was formed in the small town of Peacehaven, England in 1978 by Del Strangefish and Peter Bywaters. Due to their humorous tongue-in-cheek lyrics, they have been considered part of the Punk Pathetique subgenre. Peter And The Test Tube Babies were first featured in Sounds magazine in July 1980, and after a John Peel Radio One session, made their vinyl debut on the Brighton compilation album Vaultage 78. They played at festivals including the 11th Antifest in 2005. They also had two songs on the Oi! compilation Oi! the Album in that same year. They favoured absurd lyrics and strange titles, such as "The Queen Gives Good Blow Jobs". In 1982, they covered the chart-topping Gary Glitter hit "I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)" on their album Pissed and Proud.

When the band is not touring, Peter Bywaters offers personal English as a second language tuition on a live-in basis at his home in Brighton.

The band continues to perform to the current day (2018). Their polished, professional live show is in contrast to the non-serious nature of their lyrics.

10 Tracks
A1 Key To The City
A2 Louise Wouldn't Like It
A3 Spirit Of Keith Moon
A4 Allergic To Life
A5 All About Love
B1 He's On The Whiskey (Watch Out)
B2 Boozanza
B3 Every Time I See Her
B4 Ghost In My Bedsit
B5 Every Second Counts

Recorded in The Greenhouse 1986. Track A1, A3 to A5, B5 remixed at Alaska Studios.

Made in England

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