Planning Ahead – A 2019 Social?


Embrace Piece Hall

Those who went to see Father John Misty back in May of this year probably won’t need telling, but Halifax’s Piece Hall has announced the summer show for next year.
A four band line-up, topped by Embrace putting on a show based around a full run-through of debut album The Good Will Out.
I’ll be going, with DsUncle again. Who’s up for it? Tickets went on sale over the weekend. My recommendation is that the £13 premium to get access to upstairs isn’t worth it; the view’s great all round, the toilet queue is bearable, and we can get organised with food & drink before we even go in.
Because my brother will have our guest room, I can’t offer to put anybody up, but there are plenty of decent hotels within walking distance of The Piece Hall.
Come on – what have you got to lose, eh?

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