Plebeian Grandstand

Plebeian Grandstand hails from Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France and plays some of the most pummeling hardcore that has blessed my eardrums in some time.  This band creates gargantuan sounds that compile many diverse genres such as grindcore, sludge, screamo and black metal.  These guys are precise and intensely brutal, yet atmospheric and wholly epic.  Snag everything below and get sucked into these crushing jams. Dig.
– For Fans OF:  Trap Them, Deafheaven, Gridlink & Hexis

False Highs, True Lows LP (2016)

Lowgazers cover art
Lowgazers 2xLP (2014)
3 Way Split - Bone Dance, Divider, Plebeian Grandstand cover art
Bone Dance / Divider / Plebeian Grandstand : 3-Way Split LP (2012)
(Plebeian Grandstand Tracks Only)
The Vulture’s Riot CD-R (2011)
How Hate Is Hard To Define cover art
How Hate Is Hard To Define LP (2010)

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