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Australian Indie Punk Rockers ‘Press Club’ debut album is a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded music scene.

Imagine a large dank venue , sweat dripping down the walls with the smell of stale cigarette smoke choking the oxygen out of your half starved lungs.

Now imagine a giant bloody brawl taking place under a broken chandelier, only one bulb still semi working and shooting out slight glimmers of light; below the flashes of light, Forever Unclean, The Breeders, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Melted fight tooth and limb to the death, knuckle dusters and flick knives, sliced tendons and teeth scatter the floor like craps dice.

‘Late Teens’ has managed to capture both the pure energy and carnage of the above across its 11 tracks of radness.

I envisage big things from ‘Press Club’
Catch them at a show near you soon


Available Jan 25th 2019 via Hassle Records on pure white Vinyl

Rated 4.5/5 based on 469 customer reviews

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