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Band Name: Private Jesus Detector

Music Album: The Complete Workz

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Crust

Record Label: Vulle Pulle Records

Album Release Country: Belgium

Music Record Type: 23 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Crust/HC band from Belgium, active in 1989 ~ 1993

23 Tracks
A1 Alcohol Isn't Just Part Of My Life... It Is My Life
A2 Humanity Is Inhuman
A3 In The Name Of Democracy
A4 Blind Process
A5 Commercials
A6 Paralyse Power
A7 Battlefields Of Decay
A8 Whose Error
A9 Fear
A10 Prejudice
A11 Silence Is Consent
A12 Take Over
A13 A Symbol Of...
A14 Dom Ljuger
B1 Ultimate Extinction
B2 Business As Usual
B3 Silence Is Consent
B4 A Symbol Of...
B5 Dire Reality
B6 Whose Error?
B7 A Nightmare To Come True
B8 Take Over
B9 Prejudice

Side A originally released as a Demo Tape.

Side B originally released the "How Evil Can One Get?" EP.

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