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After watching a couple of YouTube documentaries on the Dead Kennedy’s last night, I decided to find a few of their LPs for my mate Fib to listen too.
I could not find them, so I looked in the attic where I knew I had some LPs. I could not see them. But searching for them I discovered a lot of other memorabilia hidden away in bags, boxes, and rucksack relating to punk and the years that are covered in this blog:
Cassettes, videos, magazines, photos, newspapers, posters, advertisements, more cassettes, clothes, letters, diaries, books, a scrap-book, and did I mention cassettes (they must be breeding up there)! I eventually found the LPs and singles hidden away in the downstairs cupboard along with another bag of cassettes!

The single records had no covers on any of them, and I remembered how they had been damaged many years ago with rainwater leaking in through the roof. The rain water had also gotten into other areas of my things as well. Some of the posters were mouldy, cassette covers were destroyed as well as some of the cassettes themselves. All of the single covers were useless too, LPs were fine and the letters and dairies.

I tried to salvage what I could. I took photos of the records covers I had left, and made photos of the posters and clothes, and anything else I could find, just to have a record of it. Some of the articles, magazines and newspapers I will scan later.

I hope to put these on the blog bit by bit in the near future.

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