When I started I thought just to cover the bands in and around Carlisle, but it seems to me as I progress with this social history of Punk music in Cumbria I feel that it means nothing without the people who were in the bands, and more importantly the “lads and lasses” who went to “see” the bands, without them it would have been an empty project.
So here is a page for people! send photos if you have them…

Ellie (photo: Andrew Stevenson)
societies victims
Scog in  the band “Societies Victims” (photo: Nick Scott)
Henshaw & Trotsky (photo: Nick Scott)
?, Kev Bradly, ? (photo: Nick Scott)

Nick Scott writes “me (Nick Scott) at Carlisle music collective” (photo: Nick Scott)

Jamie Bell…Dale Burton..Liz(ex-wife) and Mike ( the Harraby Punk)Convery…I took the photo….going to see the Bunnymen in Glasgow….(photo Nick Scott).

Duncan – without teeth, Stars and Stripes (photo: Sean Todhunter)

brads duncan
Brads & Duncan (photo: Sean Todhunter)

duncan 1

Smoo / Pug / Duncan…Stars and Stripes (photo: Sean Todhunter)

Grebo (photo: Sean Todhunter)

lyns photo

1980. Jed, Gilly, Emmy, Gee & Lynn (photo: Lynn Barlow)

Sally (photo Andrew Stevenson)
kate ph me
Trotsky, PH, Kate (photo: Nick Scott)

exiles si
“The transit van pic is of our other original co-singer Harry Glaister on the way to the same gig – and sat up front (left to right) are Boogie, Nigel Holmes, and Exiles drummer Neil ‘Tef’ Telfer driving. In case you wanna use them”. (written by Si, The Exiles).

dunno kate
Kate Hooper, ?, ?, Trotsky, ?, Stephen Dunn
Andrew Stevenson, Mark Ellerton
Trotsky, Dung
scog pagoda
?, Nick Scott, Henshaw, Trotsky

jj photo
Jimmy Johnston

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