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Rancid Hell Spawn – Scalpel Party (2022) CD

Band: Rancid Hell Spawn

Album: Scalpel Party

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Electronic Rock Noise

Label: Wrench Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 43 Tracks CD

Formed - 1988 in London, England.

Disbanded - 1995.

Reformed - 2011.

Noise/punk band which fronted by Charlie Chainsaw, editor of Chainsaw Zine. In 2000, Wrench Records released a retrospective of their work, titled "Scalpel Party".

43 Tracks
Chainsaw Masochist LP
1 Chainsaw Masochist1:43
2 Android Pup2:21
3 Cirrhotic Neurotic1:30
4 Excess Is Never Enough1:57
5 Dead Today, Hip Hip Hooray0:54
6 Zombie Girl1:39
7 My Pet Corpse1:54
8 Hippie Fat1:22
9 Stomach Pump Rock1:17
10 Gobbling Foul1:08
11 Eat My Cigar0:49
12 Notting Hill Carnivore1:46
13 Assassin Bug1:07
14 Pigsty Of Love1:43
15 Croydonian Institute Blues1:51
16 Dripping Off The Wall1:19
17 Listerine Pissup1:15
Best Of The Rest
18 A Trip To The Worm Farm1:27
19 Cholesterol Clones1:10
20 Scalpel Party1:57
21 Slam Gizzard0:57
22 Fifteen Seconds Fame1:11
23 Rottweiler Girl1:45
24 Flesh Mammoth1:47
25 Defibrillator Dreaming1:41
26 Pig Bucket0:40
27 Eyeball In My Mouth1:04
28 Siamese Sextuplets1:02
29 Farm Night0:26
30 Homunculus Stumps1:38
31 Sexy Girl With A Sexy Gun1:38
32 I'm In Love With A Gangster's Moll1:20
33 Teenage Lard1:03
34 Festering Pus1:25
35 Going Down To Croydon1:04
36 Rebel With A Bus Pass1:32
37 Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy1:22
38 Disco Fun0:29
39 Waste Not Want More0:39
40 Gastro Boy0:58
41 Tartrazine Fix1:04
42 Sex In A Butcher's Shop1:07
43 Washout0:17

The best of Rancid Hell Spawn 1988-1995 including the Chainsaw Masochist LP, Gastro Boy EP, the split 7" with The Fells plus the best of the rest.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 93 customer reviews

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