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Download Rektüm – Sakredanus (1990) CD Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Rektüm

Music Album: Sakredanus

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Thrash Hardcore Grindcore Experimental

Record Label: PSI Records London

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 25 Tracks CD

Rektum, a fictitious East German 3-piece dissident punk band that had leapt the Berlin wall. They recorded an LP, Sacred Anus, and a 12” EP for hardcore punk label, Manic Ears/ PSI. Tony and Robber provided artwork for these. There would be live shows to follow in Bristol with Dr. and the Crippins. The UK press were duped by 3 actors hired to be the face of Rektum, and wrote rave reviews, unaware of their true identity. Then, back stage at Reading festival, Shane of Manic Ears let the cat out of the bag to a Sounds journalist. The backlash from the UK press ensued. It was now cool to hate GBOA


25 Tracks
1 In The Lyrics0:53
2 Deth Soup2:34
3 Sheikspeare's An Arab0:40
4 D.B.F.1:00
5 The Von Of Cal0:24
6 Carnival Ride2:09
7 Toenails1:30
8 I Like Drinking0:10
9 Dead Hedds In Red China2:56
10 Dead0:51
11 Just Iced Banana4:41
12 Sanitized Man0:19
13 Ever Been To Utah In A Fluid Storm1:32
14 Cocaine Metallic Be-Bop1:20
15 Jazz Odyssey1:23
16 Sexy Salmon0:54
17 God Sold Me Bad Acid0:29
18 Tory Moan (My Dad's In A Conservatory)1:36
19 Putrid Spot0:56
20 Exxon Dog Vomit1:01
21 Damn Your Eyes0:57
22 Wisdom0:48
23 Satyr Naked1:39
24 The Grapes Of Wrath1:33
25 The Pledge With Tex6:25

Recorded & mixed at Big Noise Productions, Aug & Sept 1989.

All songs Rektüm copyright control 1990.

Most trax merge into each other and form in fact one long track.

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