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Minor Threat Bottle
Doom - Exploiting the earth, the earth that is ours

Mischief Brew - Up the pugs
Aus-Rotten - People are not expendable, governement is

Remo Drive

Remo Drive are a three-piece emo/indie/punk band from Bloomington, Minnesota that formed in 2013. Their debut LP, Greatest Hits, came out last month, and this shiz is blowin’ up. For good reason, of course. This thing is 10 tracks of high-energy, catchy as hell melodies, and explosive guitar riffage, with some serious Get Up Kids influence to boot. In the emo corner of indie rock, this album will probably make the most waves since Home, Like Noplace Is There, but with a much more sunny disposition (on the surface, at least). Lyrically, they’re still quite down in the dumps, but with the energy they put off, it’s hard not to smile the whole way through this thing. This is a downward spiral sing-along, and definitely emo’s finest hour thus far this year. I know I say it a lot, but this shit is highly, highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Away
2. Rainman
3. Hyland
4. My Good Friend Is A Pro Skater
5. Blank Face Bad Taste
6. Monetary
7. Provincial
8. Instinct
9. Stay Out Longer
1. Remo Drive – Heartstrings
2. Remo Drive – Passing Through
3. Unturned – Crown Point
4. Unturned – Balancing Act

1. Weathered – Lions
2. Weathered – Alice
3. Remo Drive – A Series Of Unfortunate Events
4. Remo Drive – Twelve
1. Lookin’ Under The Tree

1. Art School
2. Hunting For Sport
3. Crash Test Rating
4. Strawberita
5. Summertime
6. Eat Shit
7. Trying 2 Fool U
8. Yer Killin’ Me
9. I’m My Own Doctor
10. Name Brand

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