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48 Tracks – Punk Rock, Hardcore, Grindcore.
Formed in 1985 under the name Genocide (16) in Flint, Michigan. Originally influenced by bands such as Discharge, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer (2) and NWOBHM, the line up of Scott Carlson (vocals, bass), Aaron Freeman (guitar), Matt Olivo (guitar) and Dave Grave (drums) recorded the ‘Stench of Burning Death’ demo in January,1986. The band changed their name to Repulsion (to avoid being mistaken for numerous other bands called Genocide). In 1986, Chuck Schuldiner of Florida’s Death (2) asked Scott and Matt to move to Florida to become members of Death and Repulsion was put on hold. In late 1986, Scott and Matt returned to Michigan and Repulsion reformed, recording the ‘Slaughter Of The Innocent’ LP with Doug Earp. The LP was originally intended to be released on Earp’s own label, Wyatt Earp Records, but this never occurred. They played their final show in January 1988. In 1989 Carcass members Bill Steer and Jeff Walker released ‘Slaughter Of The Innocent’ as Repulsion – Horrified.

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