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Leftover Crack - Rock the 40 oz.
Nuclear Death Terror - As we consume shall we be consumed as we destroy be destroyed

Leftover Crack

God save the Queen
Tagada Jones

REPULZ – Telling Your Future EP 1981

Let’s join Sweden again and find an interesting record which is a little different. Released on Stepping Mexican Produktion, this is the only slab by Repulz, a Hardrock band from Västervik. The EP starts with a nice rock ballad which is, I think typical for hard-rockers, held extreme melancholy, bad desperate and very personal. Sometimes, I like those songs but not always. ‘God Save The Rock’N’Roll’ is the second track and is a pretty ode to this rebellion sound which we all part of it and punkrock would not exists. The last tune is for me the best because here’s the punk spirit alive and you can feel it explicit. Résumé: uncomplicated, solid playin’ and never boring at all & NO metal post. Check them out!

– Great Thx to Fredrik –

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Leftover Crack - Rock the 40 oz.
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