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Download Respire – Go Mad and Mark (2018) [Song, Envy cover] Megaupload


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Respire is a blackened screamo band from Toronto, Canada that incorporates various unconventional instruments into their music (saxophone, glockenspiel, trumpet, violin, viola, cello, etc)

The screamo label Zegema Beach Records is putting out an Envy tribute album called Envy/Love that includes a cover of Go Mad And Mark performed by Respire (a band that has been posted about before on this blog).

Album Description

Only the track “Go Mad and Mark” by Respire includes viola/violin


  1. Beast Jesus – Chain Wandering Deeply
  2. Massa Nera – The Light of My Footprints
  3. Lktdov – Black Past
  4. Crowning – Farewell to Words
  5. Niboowin – Left Hand
  6. Apostles Of Eris – Spiral Manipulation
  7. Respire – Go Mad and Mark
  8. Gillian Carter – 0 and 1
  9. Carcajou – All That’s Left Has Gone to Sleep
  10. Shizune – A Far Off Reason
  11. Agak – Angel’s Curse

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