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Riot Squad – Religion Doesn’t Mean A Thing ! / Riot In The City (1982) Vinyl 7″ EP

Band: Riot Squad (2)

Album: Religion Doesn't Mean A Thing ! / Riot In The City

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Rondelet Music & Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 3 Tracks Vinyl 7" EP

Punk band from Mansfield, England, UK . Start in 1981, split in 1984. Returned in 2003 with Pommi (drums), Ched (bass), Staz (guitar) and Mark (vocals). In 2006 Mark and Staz were replaced with Chiz and Luke. Ched left in 2008 and was replaced with Mick. Mick soon moved to second guitar so Pete joined on bass. The band went on hiatus in September 2009 and reformed in 2015 for a friend's 40th birthday with Mick going back to bass, Luke on guitar, Chiz on vocals and Pommi on drums. In 2018 a second guitarist, Mopsy, joined the band.

Current lineup:
Drums - Paul 'Pommi' Palmer
Vocals - Paul 'Chiz' Shakespeare
Guitar - Luke Shaw
Bass - Mick Shakespeare
Guitar - Mopsy Harvey

3 Tracks
A Riot In The City1:43
B1 Religion Doesn't Mean A Thing1:39
B2 Why Should We1:34

Track A misspelt on back cover as 'Riots In The City'.

Track B1 misspelt on label as 'Religion Dosn't Mean A Thing'.

Original Sound Recording made by Rondelet Music & Records.

Previously released on cassette.

℗ © 1982 Rondelet Music And Records.

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