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Rivers Cuomo says Weezer’s next album is “almost done” and could be out in May

Weezer are nothing if not prolific. On Friday, the band released Pacific Daydream, its 11th studio album overall and second in two years following last year’s self-titled “White Album”. Now, comes word of another album in the pipeline, which could arrive as soon as next spring.

As frontman Rivers Cuomo explained in a new interview with Dazed, the band had originally planned to follow up The White Album with a record entitled, The Black Album. With their writing feeling “more like reveries from a beach at the end of the world,” Pacific Daydream instead came to life. Now, though, “The Black Album is almost done, and hopefully it comes out in May,” according to Cuomo.

Musicially, Cuomo saidThe Black Album “is going to be a lot more modern and electronic and not-90s sounding.”

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When asked why he’s been so productive in his songwriting as of late, Cuomo said, “I mean, I like putting out music and I don’t like waiting around. I think I want to pick up the pace, actually. The slow part is finding the right producer, because that kind of locks you into a certain production sound and that’s a contentious part. Everyone has their idea of what Weezer should sound like. But the songwriting part is fun and easier.”

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