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Rocket From The Crypt – All Systems Go (1993) CD

Band: Rocket From The Crypt

Album: All Systems Go

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Label: Headhunter Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 19 Tracks CD

Punk inspired rock and roll band from San Diego.
Formed by John Reis in 1990.

19 Tracks
1 Live The Funk4:16
2 Bad Song Ninja2:55
3 Good Bye4:24
4 Boychucker2:36
5 Jumper K Balls2:21
6 Lefty2:29
7 Normal Carpet Ride2:19
8 Where Are The Fuckers1:12
9 Slumber Queen2:24
10 Flip The Bird2:00
11 Cha Cha Cha2:01
12 Pressure's On1:18
13 Pigeon Eater2:31
14 The Paste That You Love5:02
15 Pure Genius1:21
16 Lift And Love5:18
17 Press Darlings3:29
18 Killy Kill Again3:42
19 Chantilly Face2:25

A compilation of early singles, except tracks 17 to 19 which are previously unreleased.

Tracks 1 to 3 are re-recorded versions of tracks which originally appeared on the Yum Kippered 7".

Track 1 originally titled 'Kill The Funk', track 2 originally titled 'Bad Ninja'.

Tracks 4 to 6 originally appeared on the Boychucker 7".

Tracks 7 to 10 originally appeared on the Normal Carpet Ride 7".

Track 11 originally appeared on the Smells Like Grease For Peace split 7" with Deadbolt.

Track 12 originally appeared on the Cut It Loose / Water split 7" with Bloodthirsty Butchers.

Tracks 13 and 14 originally appeared on the Both Good Songs 7".

Tracks 15 and 16 originally appeared on the Pure Genius 7".

Track 17 was recorded for a planned 7" with Superchunk, originally performed by Adam And The Ants.

Track 18 is a re-recorded version of 'Killy Kill' which is on the Circa: Now! album.

Track 19 was done with vocals over the phone.

Manufactured and Distributed by Cargo Records

β„—Β©1993 Cargo Music

Made in USA

Printed in Canada

Rated 4.5/5 based on 201 customer reviews

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