Rosemary’s Babies


So it’s Halloween, and I figured a post to commemorate the spookiest of holidays was in order. Since the band most associated with this time of year is already on here (rhymes with Dispits), I figured the next best thing would be a band closely associated with them, but not discussed nearly as much. Plus, they take their name from one of the greatest movies ever made (Rosemary’s Baby) and dressed like the ultraviolent characters in A Clockwork Orange, which definitely gives them bonus points.

Rosemary’s Babies were a four-piece hardcore punk band from Lodi, New Jersey that began in 1980 and broke up in 1983. They played a brand of punk very similar to early DC bands such as Minor Threat and Bad Brains, with a hint of Circle Jerks thrown in the mix. Additionally, they were quite reminiscent of The Misfits, who the band were closely acquainted with (both were from Lodi and had a penchant for horror). Rosemary’s Babies drummer was none other than Eerie Von, who was a photographer for The Misfits, and also did a lot of the overdubs on posthumous Misfits compilations along with Glenn Danzig. He was also a major member of Glenn’s post-Misfits bands as a bassist, including all of Samhain and the first four (and most essential) Danzig records. To get back to Rosemary’s Babies, they only released one 7″ in 1983, titled Blood Lust. In 2004, a CD compilation was released including all but one track off of Blood Lust, in addition to other recorded tracks and live material. That’s what I have below. So enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

1. What I Hate
2. Talking To The Dead
3. Sex Maniac
4. One Dead Low-Life
5. I Vote Yes
6. Happy Song
7. Attack Of The 50ft Cowboy
8. Sounds Of Death
9. I’m Gonna Be Sick
10. You Just Don’t Rate
11. Alice In Murderland
12. That’s Alright, That’s O.K.
13. Let’s Molest 10yr. Olds
14. Fake Babies
15. Dead Zone
16. Small Minds, Think Small
17. Becky Bondage
18. Inferior
19. Blood Lust
20. The Green Hornet Theme
21. Fake Babies (live May 15, 1983 @ CBGB)
22. Alice In Murderland (live May 15, 1983 @ CBGB)
23. Talking To The Dead (live May 15, 1983 @ CBGB)
24. That’s Alright, That’s O.K. (live May 15, 1983 @ CBGB)
25. Small Minds, Think Small (live May 15, 1983 @ CBGB)

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