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RR Films: Mistakes

As they go, Theresa May’s decision to call an election rates as a mistake of Titanic proportions, sinking her reputation and putting her at the mercy of a bunch of homophobic, misogynist creationists. And the campaign itself was strewn with missteps and misjudgements that wouldn’t be out of place in a Coen Brothers film, all piling on top of one another to increase the certainty of disaster and the count of dead bodies, both innocent and guilty. And this one really is a true story…..

But I’ll pick a film where the mistake brings about something good – like Jezza confounding all his critics and opening the door on a possibly more equitable future – The Lunchbox, in which the wonderfully intricate Mumbai tiffin delivery service has a hiccup and the consequences bring love to an unlikely couple. Sometimes the wrong train can bring you to the right station is the film’s tagline; I have found this to be delightfully true.

What films about mistakes would you recommend?

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